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Hey it's Joey...

Finally got high speed internet and cable tv at our house. I am so used to having it at work that when I would go on line at home it was so painfully slow.

The movie which I am staring in called, "Calouses Of A Rock Star" is coming a long swiftly. We shot all day despite the rain and snow. This is not some huge multimillion dollar production. It's really only a short film of about 8 minutes. It's a docudrama about me as a struggling artist / musician who plays a few open mic nights and gets discovered then becomes famous. Great... just like my real life ha..ha...

I received an email today from TwoTone drum stick company. They told me that the signature line drum sticks are going to be available in about a month. These are really sweet sticks made out of Horne wood from Bulgaria in a small factory out in the woodlands of Bulgaria. Each pair of sticks will have the signature of either Dave Mello from Operation Ivy, Joey Schaaf from Zebu or Travis Dalton from Behind White Lies. Keeping the price real LRM is offering them for $5.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling to anywhere in the frigg'n world. So if you are in europe beat the 15 euro store price and order yours from

Talking about video... The Ho "Live at Slim's" show recorded in July, 2004 is almost finished being edited and will be available soon here on LRM. Look for it here on The Ho page.

Hey Good news! I just added 97 pages of new content to LRM ! There are pages and pages of punk rock flyers, pictures, set lists which I have saved from the 1980's and 90's. Lots of OpIvy stuff for you OpIvy fans. To check it out click this Old School Gallery link or the one at the top of the home page.

Tonight the band "Behind White Lies" is playing a show at "Jitters Cafe". They are headlining the show and there will be 2 or 3 other bands going on before them. "Behind White Lies" is an awesome band. I am going to video tape their live performance tonight. If I can get it to work I will put a video clip of one of their songs up on LRM this week. Their newest song which does not even have a title yet is going to be a hit and already is with the crowd packed venues that they play. A local director and I are going to create an music video for this song within the next couple of months. I will announce it here when it is ready and available.

The show at "Jitters" was shut down by the police. Actually the cop who came there said that he had received a complaint and if he got another call he was going to issue a citation. The cop was nice about it. After the warning it was decided to end the show before there was any trouble. Before all this happened I was able to get about three minutes of video of one of the out of town bands before my battery went bad. By the time I returned from my house with replacement power the landlord of Jitters was out front yelling and making a scene, not the scene. The landlord had been inside the cafe' yelling and pushing things off the counter top very agitated and becoming violent. He was clearly upset that there was a show going on in his building even though it was leased out to Jitters. There was no convincing him to let the show go on. Matter of fact he called the police and filed a complaint and told Steve who works at Jitters and puts on the shows, that the lease was going to be canceled and Jitters was getting kicked out. There has been shows there quite often since the place opened over a year ago and no one has ever complained until the landlord happened to drive by and see a crowd inside. This was a really cool place for young people to come and see bands play. It was an all age venue, no drugs, alcohol, racism or violence. Everyone respected each other. There wasn't even a mosh pit or any stage diving so insurance worries were at a minimum. The landlord could have seen the value to the community that allowing these shows have but he didn't but instead he killed the whole scene. "Jitters" is now closed, there stuff has all been moved out, and their sign has been taken down. I have heard that Jitters is going to open at another location near by and that there will be shows again. That remains to be seen...

Since I have been producing this new band from Williamsburg, VA called "Apyramus Love Affair" I have also been filling in on the drums until they found another drummer. By default it seems that I have become the drummer now. After three years of not playing drums in a band or at all really this really feels good. The band's musicianship and song writing skills have improved tremendously since I first heard them. It is really fun to play drums again and with a band that rocks! Now all "we" need is a singer. I am going to add some content about "Apyramus Love Affair" on soon. There is going to be a short interview, bios, pictures and later an MP3 once we get a singer and record something. Anyone who is a singer or knows a singer who would like to try out for this band email me. We are in Virginia and based out of Williamsburg.

The docudrama "Caluouses Of A Rock Star" is coming along. We did a lot of shooting last Wednesday night. All we need now is the shots of me performing at a club on open mic night. That's when I am discovered by a talent agent for a big record company. This short film should be finished by next month and available here on

Well the film is finished and well I am rather disappointed with it. To say that it was not produced very well is an understatement. It was finished in a hurry I suppose. I hope that no one sees it after all. My condolences to the director.

The band that I play drums for called " Give My Regards" just finished our debut cd which is self titled. You can hear four of the songs at We produced a demo cd very quickly in order to submit it to some record company at the WARP tour. It rained like crazy today and today is the WARP tour. I am sure that everyone was wet and wild. There has been a 105 degree heat index here so I am sure the rain wasn't a bad thing for the crowd as long as it didn't stop the music. There is a very, very small chance that this record company is going to pick our cd and sponsor our band with all kinds of recording time, tours and lots of stuff. I suppose what will be will be and then we will see...

My band Give My Regards is back together now since our guitarist Xanka has returned from her family trip to Europe. We practice for the first time in a month and a half and wrote a new song. For the first time our singer jumped on the bass and I sang the new song while playing the drums. It was really cool to have this new song come through like that. I have had this song concept churning in my brain for days and Xanka came up with the riff that fit perfectly. It's good to have Xanka back. Things were a bit sketchy because of some drama with her family but I think we are passed that now and things will be better hopefully. The band is just not the same without her.

The weather has been very nice lately and last night My wife and I went out riding with nine other people on sport bikes. We rode through the country side toward the James river ferry crossing but before we got there we ran into a state police road block. Two of the people we were with were not legal and received tickets and summons to go to court. My wife and I had all our documents current and went on through fine. By the time we got to the ferry it was 1:15am. The ferry would not return for 45 minutes. So we waited. The fish were jumping all over in huge schools and one of the fellows riding with us decided to do wheelies up and down the bridge ramp leading to the ferry. The locals did not like that and came out yelling some nasty things at him. This kept us entertained until the ferry arrived at 2:00am. By the time we dodged 10 to 15 dear and raccoons on the Colonial Parkway on the way home we finally put the bikes away around 3:00am.  What a night it was.  I am looking forward to another really nice day tomorrow as it is not a work day for me this Monday!

Okay so now my band Give My Regards is broken up.  The bassist was never replaced, the singer went and joined the army and one of the guitarists could only practice on the weekends. Man I have things to do on the weekends and week nights free. Well it was a good run, but time  to move on. I hope that everyone involved learned something from the experience as I have.

I have had a nice change in my job description. Now I just handle all the ebay sales at work. No more Mr. data entry! I actually do this web site and a handful of others as well. Staying up until 1:00am building web sites and watching Animal Planet all night seems to be more of what I have been doing lately than playing music.  Everything goes in cycles and the music thing will come back around again soon. Tomorrow I have 17 tons of dirt and 8 tons of gravel to spread.  I am playing it the smart way this time and have rented a tractor "loader-hoe". No relation to the band The HO. It has a front-end loader bucket on the front and a back-hoe in the rear. In the past I spread 17 tons of dirt and the same of gravel with a shovel and wheel barrow. I am not going to do that again.

Its' been raining here for a week. Cool we needed it.  The sun is coming out tomorrow so they say.

Yes! Finally my signature drum sticks arrived. You can order them here. Check out the link at the bottom of the home page.

Lucio of the guitarist of the HO and the dude who gets the shows booked for us told me today that next month is the month he is getting started planning the next HO tour.  This is supposed to happen in the Spring of 2005, April, May ... I just got the raw video footage of The HO live at "Slim's" in San Francisco, CA on our tour last year in July. This is the footage that our dvd was made from. The dvd is put together nicely from this stuff. You can see a clip/ montage of this by clicking here

Yesterday was a good day and the weekend was really good.  My family came to visit.  All of them in-laws and my own. Some people may dread their family visits and the stereo typical hatred of the in-laws does not apply to me at all. I love my in-laws totally.  They are really good people and I am lucky to have them in my life.  People like this are hard to find in this world. If you find some, keep them close. We had an early Thanksgiving gathering and that night we all sat around a big fire ring and sipped some wine, let the dogs and the neighbor's cats hang around and the kids throw sticks into the fire. There is always something good wherever you are, even if it seems you are far away from where you might call home.

The guy who lent me his drums said he wants them back practically the same day I finally get my cymbals shipped in from my old roomie in California. Well now it's been over a week and he hasn't come by to get them yet. Maybe the rest of my drums will arrive practically on the day that he comes to get his drums? I can only hope.

So one evening after getting off from my day job I was about to push my signature drum sticks on an unsuspecting, skeptical music store proprietor when I noticed this guy carrying some drum heads that he just bought in the music store. I said, hey dude, would you be interested in buying some of my drum sticks for five bucks. He said he'd check them out and bought a pair right there in lot. He told me he was really a guitarist messing with the drums a little. Really, i said maybe we should jam sometime.  And later we did. He turned out to be a really good guitarist and a competent drummer as well. We switched off instruments and I got to play guitar. I pulled out some Clash songs and he was right there with their drum parts. It was really cool. I haven't played those CLASH songs since the 80's. Refreshing.... when punk was punk and meant something other than being cool. Change is not always a good thing, but then one thing leads to another.

I registered for both and .org today. Check them out.

Registering for actually worked this time after a few tries but I still haven't been able to get the registration to go through. At I looked through the site for a while and ended up posting in the forum section a little diddy about how in the past marijuana had effected my life in response to some postings about anti-marijuana tv commercials. I received more of a response to that than I had expected although I should have known.  I got slammed by the pro-pot people but some folks came to my defense which was nice.  Here is a link to the discussion thread if you are interested. 

Marijuana discussion thread

Wow after all these years and I mean over twenty of them, some new friends and I are putting together a CLASH tribute band. Ya know, ya just don't see this stuff coming but it sounds like fun. I can still remember how to play at least four Clash songs and most of the words. The line-up so far is Jeremy on drums as Topper or Terry, Johnny on guitar and vocals as Mick and me on guitar and vocals as Joe. We still need to find a good bassist to play Paul's parts. This should be fun! We have plans on even doing a show or two. I am down for that. It's time to pull out my old Clash albums and give'm a spin.

The HO tour of 2006 has been bumped ahead to the Fall of 2006 due to everyone's schedules being full until then. Looks good though, like we are still going to do it. Maybe it will work out for the best having more time to plan and book shows. We are getting 500 hits or more a day on our HO band page at and I am not sure how many we get here on this site.

The weather here is getting cold and rainy and so ends motorcycle riding season for me anyway.  There are some fools still out there but for me it's just not worth it being cold, wet and riding on slippery roads. Where is the fun in that. Well before riding season is over I am hoping for at least one more good day to ride before the snow. I have some video of me doing some wheelies on my CBR1000RR to hold me over until next season. I will post them soon and share them in a short QuickTime movie.

Time to go bush-up on those Clash songs...

Happy holidaze to everyone! I hope that your holidays were full of love and happy family and friend gatherings as mine were. I always feel that the end of the year holiday season for me is a time to reflect on all of the experiences I have had during the previous year and try and understand the value of what I really was given. Receiving presents is a nice tradition for Christmas but for me being alive to appreciate and learn from the experiences of the year gone by is the real gift.

"The Cash" is getting it together after everyone has been busy and or away for the holidays. I haven't told the other guys yet but I have this idea to change all of our last names to "Cash" like the Ramones did when they change their names to Ramone. We'll be Joey Cash, Jeremy Cash, Jimmy Cash and Johnny Cash. We may have a bass player commuting in from Richmond. A strange thing happened with this potential bassist.  His name is Jim and about 12 years ago when Jim was teenager he used to call me in CA from Florida and talk to me about the East Bay music scene. He was a cool kid and I didn't mind chatting with him. I think his parents who had to pay the long distance phone bill for the sessions were not too happy about it. Well the odd thing about this is that he and I both ended up in VA and only an hour drive away. He is totally into the Clash and said he wants to play in the Cash as the bassist. For Christmas his father gave Jim a new bass, amp. and cabinet. Perfect timing! I think that is really cool and I hope that he goes through with it. We'll soon see...

One of the two grandfather clocks that my Grandfather and Great Uncle built back in the 1940's is still in our family. I have no idea where the second clock is or who has it now. My dad inherited the clock from my grandparents and  kept it with his family until he died and after that my sister has kept at her house. My sister moved to a small apt. and no longer has room for it and asked me if I still wanted it. I do indeed. Now it is my turn to care for it. My wife and I are going on a road trip to Atlanta, GA were my sister lives to pick it up sometime early next year. I remember this clock forever being at my Grandparent's house chiming away every quarter hour and on the hour. Since my dad died the clock has not been kept running and it's condition has deteriorated somewhat. The original glass globe which covered the face shattered one day after the clock was moved through the heat of a hot GA summer into the icy cold interior of an apartment. We are going to have the clock restored and put back into working order again as soon as we get it home.

I am going to put out a couple of cds as a solo artist. Nothing original though, only me singing over some Christmas song and Classic good old favorite karaoke lounge tunes. Friends and family beware... you may be receiving one or both of these sometime after the new year.

A month ago I decided to stop eating beef. I stopped eating beef for 10 years from the mid-80's through the mid-90's. I only ate chicken and fish. I think I would give up chicken next if I could manage it, but fish? I don't think I want to do that and give up sushi. Japanese food, especially sushi has to be one of my favorites. Anything my wife cooks is always good too. If I had to choose the last meal of my life it would be have to be something my wife cooked. She doesn't make sushi.

I was so looking forward to traveling back to CA in March to see my favorite band and really good friends "SCHLONG" and pack up my drums to ship home. After that there was this trip to France with my wife. Well I did not have the dates correct for the France trip which I had already said that I would go on and the two trip dates over-lapped. Since I said I would go on the trip to France first I decided to stick to my word and do that. Beleive it or not it was a tough choice. I miss CA a lot. I haven't seen SCHLONG play in 10 years or so and they are the best. Getting my drums back would be nice too. I will go to CA after France and get my drums but I will have to live without SCHLONG until the next reunion tour whenever that will be. By the way the SCHLONG shows are March 4th and 5th in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. The France trip is going to be really awesome! I am very excited about it. Paris in the Sping time, how cool is that?

I have just finished recording a keyboard part for a song I wrote called "WAR". A ska band from Bulgaria named "SwitchStance" has been playing this song at their live shows. Via the internet SwitchStance added my keyboard part to their recent recording of "WAR". The song has been released in Bulgaria on a three band cd split called "Streets Of Sofia". I will post a mix of it here on LRM soon. Honestly, I am not happy with the low level of my keyboard part on the final mix. It was obviously cut out completely for most of the song. Even on my solo it can barely be heard. The song sounds good over all and I am honored that SwitchStance played it on their cd. I just wish that since I went through all the trouble of recording a keyboard part they would have at least made sure that it could be heard. Oh well... It's only a song. Maybe next time it will turn out better. "Never let the engineer produce your cd". The mp3 of the song "WAR" that I am going to post will be a mix where I double the keyboard part and remix it so that the part can be heard, including the solo. Look for a link for it soon on the LRM home page and on the SwitchStance "Streets Of Sofia" page as well.

The Cash is nearing show time! We have a short set of 6 songs now and are working on adding at least 6 more. In about a month we should be ready to go on stage for the first time. People have already heard about us and are ready to give us shows.

The guys in the band are working very hard. True to the Clash we are all singing songs as each member of the Clash did. Johnny as Mick Jones is singing Jail Guitar Doors and rock'n the back up vocals as well.  Jimmy is taking on The Guns Of Brixton as Paul Siminon. I am cover all the songs Joe Strummer sang and if you listen very hard you can hear Jeremy singing along as Topper Hedon or Terry Chimes as you please.

The best thing about doing this for me is how much heart it has. It feels good to play songs that have a meaning behind them and that matters in today's world. I am glad that Green Day's latest album "American Idot" has brought back some of that energy, emotion and ideology that has been run over by right wing pseudo-patriotic zealots seeking to scare people into submission to their conserverative tyranny. - Rant over.

My wife and I have recently acquired an exercise bike. My wife rides it every night and I watch for the most part occassionally hopping on when I feel like doing so.  Last night I rode 22 miles burning off 250 plus calories! That was just enough to trim me down from the bowl of ice cream and chocolate syrup I had early. Every little bit helps I suppose.  What I like about exercise bikes is that you can ride day or night, you don't have to worry about getting hit by a car like when you are on the street riding, you can watch tv or a movie while riding and the machine displays your heart rate, distance, calorie burn and time. The air is free of exhaust fumes from passing vehicles as well. All you have to do is get off the couch and do it.

My dog Trixie and I have started dog training classs at PetSmart. Trixie is already very well trained but she needs to be more socialized with other dogs. She really loves the attention from me and has already learned some new things after only one class. I am really getting into this training with her. It is very good for both of us. I have realized now that Trixie needs more attention from me and this is a great way to give it to her. Our other dog Mischa is getting some training from home as well from the things I am learning with Trixie. Mischa comes along with us when we go to the classes and hangs out with my wife. They walk around and meet other dogs at PetSmart and do some training outside while the class is on. We are very lucky to have such good healthy dogs as we have.

 April 15th, 2007

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated this for those who check this out. Lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote in this what I guess would be called a blog. Blog... What a funny word it is to say. When I first heard that word I was like, WTH is a blog? Now it has become a normal part of my word base. Back when I first heard blog for the first time I had no idea of the things that were yet to come. Here I am already in the bubble of the now, in that space in space that I live second to second as I move across the infinite eternity somewhere in nowhere...and there's no getting off.

As I am here now I can give you the details of what the heck I am talking about.

The big news is that I am a daddy to a fine little boy named Jaeden Berkeley Schaaf now nearly 5 months old. See all his pictures and stuff go to:  My wife and I both sold our motorcycles and we bought a Subaru Outback wagon. It is now complete with side sunshades, 'Baby on board" signs, car seat and stroller in the back and of course "Baby". It was the right thing to do.

So I quit my job as "Webmaster" and ebay sales at the Auto Haus in Oct. and took off some time for myself as free time was (is) in short supply when the baby comes. I kept up with my other web site customers but now have pretty much let go of all of them and spend all my days as a stay at home dad. Believe me when I say this is no easy task. My new boss is very demanding but full of smiles and giggles too. It is a job well worth trading in your regular job for if you ever get the chance to do so.

The next big change is that my wife, my son and I are moving to Thailand for six months or so and then off to China for three to five years. We are relocating to Asia because the company my wife works for gave her a new position in International Sales / Asia. The sad thing is we can not take our dogs Trixie and Mischa because it is too dangerous over there for them. The things you have to do for the Chinese government allow them into their country is too harsh and dangerous for them as well. We are going to have them live with my mother in Florida until we return to the United States. At least we know they will be well taken care of and that we can have them back once we return.We are packing now and getting everything ready for the big move. This is all very complicated because of it being an international move but we'll get there... eventually.

The CASH never did play a show. That is a little disappointing for me but not unexpected. In this state of VA, in the south, there is not much of a crowd who is into old school punk rock music and nowhere to play either. The clubs around here hire mostly bands who play top 40 music and cater to bikers and dance crowds. Oh well.

Zebu did play a reunion show in May of this year. It was great to play and sing with Zebu again after all these years. The show was in Oakland at the Stork Club. It was a reunion show for many bands of the Berkeley/Oakland scene of the late 1990's. Zebu practiced one night and that was enough to propel us into a stampede the night of the show. The Gazilions, Uncus and other bands from yesterday and today also played awesome sets. It was a great time for all even though someone was thrown out of the club four times that night.

To see pictures of the show and to find the trouble maker in the crowd -click here

If you haven't noticed I shut down all sales on this web site. Moving to Asia is the reason because shipping from there is so expensive and getting stuff through customs is such a hassle. Thank you to all of my customers and for all the support of the bands here on  When I return to the USA I will re-post all the sales pages and links back up. This may be some years from now, perhaps up to five. But by then the material will be even more rare and I am sure that while in Asia in between taking care of my son, my wife, exploring Asia and playing Second Life I will dig up more old rare material and post some free stuff for you to grab. Thanks to my very last customer and his order for the Hunde Scheibe demo I dug up all the old demos and loaded them onto my Mac. It shouldn't be too long before I get finished with producing all this material into a compilation of which some songs will be posted here for free on the Hunde Scheibe page.

June 6th, 2007

We made it to Thailand safe and sound. There was a bit of a document / forms SNFU in Beijing , China but after a flurry of form filling and a marathon run around with our luggage we finally were able to leave for Bangkok . Jaeden did well on the trip, perhaps better than us even. Now he is doing much better as far as adjusting to the new time than the first few days. I adjusted immediately, Sharayla slept too much as well as the baby so they ended up waking in the middle of our night and staying up all night. I did an all-nighter with the baby as well which through me off being adjusted.  The good news is that we slept from 5:00pm to 4:30am today and it seems that we are all getting in sync with the local time now.

The apt. is very nice. We have everything we need accept our stuff that was supposed to be shipped already. There was a lot of red tape to get through with customs here and as I am told in Thailand they cut the red tape length wise. We are supposed to get our stuff as early as Weds. and perhaps by Friday so I am expecting it all to arrive by a week from this whenever.

It has been hot but not as hot as it was when we first came to house hunt. It has also been raining at night with a bit of lightning and thunder. The monsoon season is upon us now but so far it has not been raining that heavily.

The free breakfast in the morning is very nice, basically the same everyday with eggs, toast, potatoes, tomatoes, fruit (the pineapple is awesome) and fresh ground espresso coffee. We look forward to this everyday as it is convenient and fast with no cooking for us or clean up. Jaeden has been eating toast today even though his teeth are not really in yet. He really gnaws on it as it dissolves in his mouth he will swallow it. Jaeden went swimming for the first time at the Embassy Suites hotel pool in MN just before we left the USA . Yesterday Sharayla took him down for a swim in the pool here at the apartment. He really likes the water and does not seem afraid of it at all.

We made a trek out into the city yesterday for local SIM card cell phones. We bought two Motorola slim phones which are very nice. They have camera and video functions as well as being a phone. Everyone, mostly the women are crazy about Jaeden. They reach out and touch his little pudgy legs and arms without asking us if it is okay. Everyone wants to hold him (which we do not let happen mostly) and sometimes the men snap their fingers in front of his face for some reason which I find rather rude and I don’t think Jaeden likes it either really. This doe not happen very often and I try to steer clear of potential “snappers” while maneuvering through crowds. Everyone here is very nice. They are very willing to please and quite accommodating sometimes to the point of over-doing it, but that’s better in most cases than not.

Today we are going out into the city alone as a family to get a few things like scissors, tape, zip-loc baggies (if we can find them) and bread. So far bread has eluded us at the grocery stores. We went to “Foodland” on Pat Pong street which had a fairly good selection of things. Outside the selection of goods for sale was a bit different. This is a street well known for prostitutes. Just outside the doorway of the grocery store were a group of young girls dressed in school girl uniforms “Lolitas” for sale at hourly rates. Today we are going to go search for a more pleasant environment to shop for our groceries. Apparently this sort of thing co-existing side by side is normal here and simply accepted as terrible as it may seem to us. We did manage to fill our frig and shelves a little with basic stuff and had our first home cooked meal yesterday. I ordered Thai food delivered to the apt. the day before and I also went out and brought back pizza for dinner. You can find most any kind of food here even BBQ.

So we are doing well so far as a family group. I have been suffering with migraines since the day we left the USA . Today I am feeling better. The week prior to leaving was extremely stressful for me as I handled the entire move day and night alone with the moving people and the baby during the day. Perhaps the headaches I have been having are a result from all that and the lack of sleep and time change. Hopefully the headaches will go away once I adjust a bit better to this new environment as they seem to linger and sometimes surge to full blown hammering levels.

A couple of people here from the placement agency have helped us quite a bit. They are the ones who helped us the first time we were here to find our place to live. They are very nice, especially the women “Ah”. Ah’s husband is from Australia and is a bit of the old school misogynistic type. Sharayla and I have been coaching Ah in the ways of the independent women which has not made “Tony” her husband too happy. Since our modern apt. does not have a dishwasher I asked if this was common and it was. Tony said he has a dish washer at his house, his wife. He was not even kidding and said this right in front of Ah. Women here in Asia are trained to be submissive to their husbands and follow the traditional roles that their parents followed. This is normal but I see that it is changing. Of course you can find this in the USA as well. As a S.A.H.D. I stand out in a crowd not only as an American but as a male taking care of a baby. It seems well accepted here and I have not heard or seen any negative reactions at all to my taking on this non-traditional role.

July 29th, 2007 - My wife Sharayla is 11 weeks pregnant now with our second baby! The baby is too small right now to tell if it is a boy or girl but Sharayla and I both have a strong feeling that this baby is going to be a girl. Sharayla has been having less morning sickness as often. Even though it has been tough she continues to power through and get her work done day and night. We are going to the doctor on this Wednesday to have another ultrasound done. If there is a good picture of the "Little Singer" I will post it.

Jaeden is still growing incredibly fast. He is already nearly grown out of his 18 month onesies / rompers. He is eating toast, pasta, pizza crust, squash, carrots, chicken noodle baby food and rice cereal, along with 6 or 7 oz of formula three times a day and bottles in between for snacks. He is one hungry baby!

Jaeden loves to walk with us holding his hands and he sits up all by himself now. He crawled for the first time yesterday! He only crawled 4 feet but it's a good start. He keeps trying to stand up rather than crawl. He is such a happy and easy going baby, most of the time especially when we go out on our daily walks through bangkok. Jaeden and I went to the Snake Farm where they raise snakes and gather their venom for anti-venom serum. We were right up front for the show and only a few feet away from a 14 ft. King Cobra that was lose on the ground as well as other highly posionous snakes like Banded Kraits and different Cobra types. Don't worry, the handlers were standing near by. Later the snake handler brought a large Boa Constrictor around and Jaeden touched it and had it wrapped around him for a photo but my camera battery died just then so I didn't get a picture. He was not afraid at all. Jaeden also touched the King Cobra and Banded Krait with the handler holding the snake's head very tightly of course. It was great fun and something you would not see happening in the USA like this because of our litigious society.

These days mommy works from home and Jaeden gets to see her and daddy all the time which makes him very happy and secure. This is good for all of us. This is one of the best things about being here I think getting to be a close family.

Jaeden loves going down to the restaurant every morning with daddy for breakfast and the restaurant and apartment staff all adore him. It seems everyone in Bangkok has a picture of Jaeden on their sell phone. Jaeden and I went to one of the largest department stores in Bangkok one day while Sharayla was working at home and as we strolled through the baby section a women came out and stopped us, pulled out her phone and showed me Jaeden on her cell phone. That was a little weird but apparently Sharayla had been there some days before and bought a stroller. While her and Jaeden were there the sales women took his picture. Jaeden is like a rock star here. Everywhere we go people are all over him wanting to touch him (and most do without asking), make faces and hold him sometimes if we think it is okay. No one gets to hold him without asking that's for sure. Recently this has become more than we can take so I asked a Thai person to why "Do Not Touch Our Baby Please" in Thai language and I made a sign and taped it to our stroller. This has gotten some funny looks when Thai people read it but you know what? No one has touched him since although some has still tried it has cut back on the unwanted friendly advances by over 95%. We are much happier now when going out with him since this was a constant battle to keep everyone's hands off Jaeden.

The visitor counter here at is over 11,000! Woo Hoo! Thanks everyone for coming to have a look and to all my good customers who purchased things while sales were active. Shipping from Thailand and Asia in general to the USA is so expensive it just is not worth it to pay 4 times the price of the CD or DVD. This is why I have stopped all sales. One day when I return to the USA I will resume sales again bit this may not be for another 4 years.

If any of you out there are into SecondLife I own an entire SIM and it has a Native American theme going on. My SecondLife Name is Raven Isan AKA: Chief White Raven. The Land Of The Raven Tribe is located at Nomansian Edge in the Otherland group estates. Look me up and come by to visit or just to look around. You can even join the Raven tribe if you like.

May 9th, 2008

I have not been writing much in quite some time because the road of life has been way to rough to type. Without getting in to the details let me in general stay the road has been littered with change, mostly loss, death, destruction, betrayal and disappointments. Somehow we are able to get a breath of air and hope just before the next smack-down. We moved back from Bangkok, Thailand in Dec. of 2007. The worst storm of our lives began to form the day the movers came when we first moved from Virginia to go to Bangkok.

So here are the basics:

We had to give up our family pets, two dogs we raised from puppies because they could not go to Thailand and then to China for four years which was the plan at the time. They now live in Florida with my mother and we still see them once a year or twice. At least we can get them back if and when we stay in the USA again.

A major family fall-out between one person and the entire family. The reason why no one really knows for sure. We are all dead to her now apparently as she speaks to none of us anymore, so no one can ask her what the problem is to try an fix things. I guess little things add up and one day you have had enough. Still that is no excuse to ignore a sibling who has done nothing wrong to you when her baby dies. There was no return call, no return letter, not even an email reply. That is just stone cold.

During the move back from Thailand we lost of most of our family things that can never be replaced because the moving company Atlas Moving and Storage out of Richmond, VA who was hired by Atlantic Relocation Co. out of Atlanta, GA by mixing all our stuff together that was that I took three days to separate into piles and label , allowed these precious things to be shipped to Thailand. 26 boxes of stuff that was suppose to stay in the USA in storage so this stuff would be safe and then all of those things were lost or stolen. We have not seen our stuff since the day the Thai moving company Booma Moving and Storage took the boxes of our things from our apt. in Bangkok to be put into storage there until we made our move back 3 months later. That cost us $15,000 plus all our family memories/heirlooms and stress. Then the insurance company denied most of our claim and offered us 1/3 of the losses to settle. The movers also broke $3,500 worth of our things which the insurance company has also low-balled us on. This happened while we were crammed into a small hotel room for a month and a half because the movers took that long to "air ship" our things from Thailand (should have taken a week) and during the whole crisis and intensive care with Lilly and Sharayla's C-section and recovery.

Days later our newborn baby girl Lilly Sonoma Schaaf died after 1.5 days on Earth with us. My wife had a C-section because of the situation with Lilly was so serious and had to recover from that at the same time dealing with the death of our baby. Lilly has what is know as AV block, a congenial heart defect. The doctors could never say exactly why this happen but that it was not a genetic defect.

Meanwhile back in Oct. a women at my wife's work stole my wife's identity, opened up a credit card and maxed it out. We found this out about a month ago when the credit card company notified us about payments due. Nice.

Oh it does not end there folks although we wish it would. Add in a very major health concern this week and what is basically an eviction ultimatum and rent increase from out current landlord. Oh but we still own a house right? Yes we do. We have been renting it out while we were out of the country so it was occupied when we came back so we could not move in there. One month later as we drove by to look at our house we find the tenants had built a large shed in the middle of the lawn and were parking cars and trucks all over the grass and put up a dog pen in the backyard as well! We asked them to move the shed and the vehicles so they gave us an ultimatum that it stays or they go. They left at the end of that month. We decided to move back into our house which would save us $500/month. The day I call the rental management company to say "don't rent the house we are moving back in" the agent tells me she has just rented the house out that day.

The good news is that our baby boy Jaeden is healthy, happy and none of us have been struck by lightning or eaten by a shark but as anything and everything seems to be possible that can happen is being thrown at us in the past year. Whenever the door bell rings I expect a fake candy-gram ploy by a lightning bolt wielding land-shark who will zap me with 50 million volts and bite of my BBQ'd head. Believe me it is possible.

Oh boy... Just as I type that thunder shakes the house and the door bell rang.... Who knows this may be my last entry.

My advice to those who are waiting to do in life what they always wanted to do... don't wait. Do it now!

Oh yeah... The HO and ZEBU have disbanded. There goes the two most favorites bands I have ever had the honor and pleasure to have played in.